Geyser Centre

Your expedition starts here.

You set out at the Geyser Centre on your discovery voyage to one of the world’s rarest marvels. Interactive exhibits, themed play and learn areas and media installations will expand your horizon and let you experience the science that comes with it first hand.

Guests are recommended to allow at least 1.5 hours prior to boarding the river cruise for their visit to the various exhibits.

Impressions from the Geyser Visitor Centre

The exhibits

Getting started

Your discovery voyage starts at the old quarries. This is where volcanic rock was cut before the area was conquered by geologists and scientists who have since been researching volcanic phenomena. Learn about basalt, pumice and lava and how they shape the local landscape and the volcano park. The mine elevator will then bring you all the way down to the spring of the Geyser.

Deep down:

You have entered the volcanic vent and descended all the way down to 4,000 metres below sea level, all the way to the magma chamber, where the geyser has its origin. You will learn about the composition of earth and carbon dioxide originating from volcanic sources, which is the stuff that powers the Andernach cold-water Geyser. And now let’s head back for the surface with the CO2 in tow!


This exhibit shows the reaction of carbon dioxide coming into contact with ground water. How does the water cycle work and how much CO2 dissolves in water? Check it out!

Out and about:

Discover the hard facts about our Geyser and the connection between cold-water geysers and drilled wells. Try for yourself and find out how much and how fast the Geyser spouts out water each time it erupts. You’re already close to the surface. Enjoy the impressive vista from our roof terrace!

Up high:

You’ve made it! The finale exhibit features exciting information about other volcanoes and cold-water geysers. Take a photo of your visit at our multifunctional table - a great souvenir to remember your trip to the Andernach Geyser.

There’s more to discover - check it out