Museum shop

Gifts, souvenirs and more

Are you looking for a gift for your child, a fail-safe hiking map or a fashionable accessory to indulge yourself? You might find your personal little gem in our Museum Shop.

Our special products and offers include:

  • Wine from the local Mohr Vineyard in Leutesdorf
  • Smart products from Andernach
  • Literature, i.e. about volcanism
  • Postcards and souvenirs
  • Homewares, i.e. made by Räder
  • Fashion jewellery
  • Gifts and books for children, encouraging them to experiment

The coffeshop and museum shop are open all year and can be visited without purchasing a ticket to the Geyser.

Visit us - also outside of a visit to the Geyser.

Impressions from our museum shop

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