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Experience this ancient city nestled along the banks of the river Rhine and discover its rich history stretching back more than 2,000 years.

The attractions of Andernach are only a short walk apart. The Geyser Centre is located centrally on the banks of the river Rhine. It only takes a short walk of only 3 minutes to reach the old town of Andernach. In addition to the cold-water geyser, Andernach has a proud history of more than 2,000 years and is a proud participant in the “urban growers” initiative, offering a diverse selection of leisure and cultural activities.

Andernach is one of the most ancient towns of Germany - its history stands to be explored in the old town featuring well-preserved attractions such as the “Round Tower”, the ancient riverboat crane “Alte Krahn” from the 16th century, Mary’s Cathedral or the old city walls. All attractions are within a short and easy walk from each other. Our interesting guided tours around the old city offer more insights into the rich history of Andernach.

The town also offers many opportunities for shopping and food-lovers and is the ideal place to set off on hikes or extended bicycle rides. One of the cycling tracks - the „Höhlen- und Schluchtensteig Kell“ leads along the river Rhine and right past the old town. Andernach is an innovative town that has joined the “urban growers” initiative for the use of urban space in the production of basic food supplies. A variety of vegetables, fruits, espalier vegetation and kitchen herbs contribute to an attractive, natural appearance of the town and invite both locals as well as visitors to join the harvest.

The town oozes with the famous zest for life of the local “Rhinelanders” and offers its visitors many attractive events, such as the Celebration of a Thousand Lights, the Culture Night Out, the Michelsmarkt markets or the Christmas village with a real-life nativity scene.

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Experience this ancient city nestled along the banks of the river Rhine and discover its rich history stretching back more than 2,000 years.

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