Geyser Eruption

Feel the raw power of ancient nature

Your journey to the Geyser is approaching its destination. You have safely discharged from “MS Namedy” at the “Namedyer Werth” peninsula. A short walk of around 250 metres and you will have reached the Geyser.

The world’s highest cold-water geyser will erupt shortly, right in front of you.

  • Feel the raw power of ancient nature with all your senses.
  • Hear the Geyser’s hissing and gurgling during the eruption.
  • Watch how the majestic water fountain rises higher and higher into the sky.
  • Those who dare to come really close can smell and taste the Geyser’s water.

Each eruption lasts for several minutes, giving you ample time to shoot some great photos. If a drop of the highly mineralised water lands on your glasses or camera objective, simply wipe it off using a damp cloth.

Following the eruption, the ship will return you safely to Andernach river jetty.

Impressions from the Geyser eruption

The “Namedyer Werth” Nature Reserve

Enjoy the lush green of this nature reserve, which is home to an alluvial forest that serves as a nesting ground for a number of rare species of birds.

The “Namedyer Werth” peninsula has an interesting history: It was first used for the industrial production of minerals, mineral water and carbon dioxide and later as grounds for riding games and holiday camps before being grated protected status as a nature reserve in 1985.

This enabled the unique alluvial forest to be conserved as an important habitat for rare flora and fauna. The nature reserve now plays an important role as nesting and resting grounds for endangered birds, such as the Black Kite. Seventy species of birds call the peninsula their home, among them extremely rare ones like the Oriole, the Icterine Warbler or the River Kingfisher.

The nature reserve is also extremely important for local bats, where they find ideal habitats in hollow trunks of the old trees. The Namedyer Werth nature reserve is home to nine different species of bats.

Please note:

Please note that pets are not allowed in the Geyser Visitor Centre or the nature reserve “Namedyer Werth”.

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