Your visit to the Geyser

The Andernach Geyser - the world’s highest cold-water geyser!

The region known as the eastern Eifel has been shaped by volcanism, creating a rare natural spectacle: The Andernach Geyser. Visitors to this exciting attraction can enjoy an exciting programme and thrilling experience for all ages.

You set off on this fascinating journey at the Geyser Centre with a trip below the earth’s surface, followed by a relaxed cruise on the river Rhine, taking you to the “Namedyer Werth” Nature Reserve. Upon arrival, you will experience the spectacular Andernach Geyser - the world’s highest cold-water geyser - first hand.

All facilities cater for persons with special needs

The Geyser Centre and all sanitary facilities are fully accessible for persons with special needs. The majority of attractions are accessible, with some limitations depending on individual requirements. Our Scouts will be happy to provide assistance during your visit. An audio guide is available for the visually impaired.

Accredited accessible facility

Geyser impressions