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The Andernach Geyser

A German not for profit limited liability corporation (GmbH)

Geysir.info gGmbH is a fully owned municipal corporation of the City of Andernach and the entity responsible for the operation of the Andernach Geyser tourist attraction.

Our objective and public mandate is to make the unique natural treasure of the Andernach Geyser accessible to the public and to provide educational resources about the geyser. We are also engaged in the conservation, care and sustainable development of the facilities, monuments and reserves associated with the operation of the Andernach Geyser.

It is our task to ensure that this unique natural monument is exposed to tourism in a responsible way best suited to protect the natural environment. In doing so, the volcanic activity in our region will be conserved to be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Volcano Park

The Andernach Geyser is an attraction located within the Volcano Park. The Volcano Park is a cooperation between a number of municipalities and has been established for the purpose of protecting the geologic and cultural heritage of this region, called the eastern Eifel, and making it accessible to the public.

The Volcano park member attractions are the Andernach Geyser and the Information Centre Rauschermühle/Plaidt with the ancient Roman colliery Meurin/Kretz, the lava dome called Mendig, Terra Vulcania in Mayen, the Museum of Pumice Industry in Kaltenegger and five information and activity centres that are each themed with a different aspect of this young volcanic field. Other interesting attractions in the Volcano Park include 17 natural and industrial monuments that are free and accessible.

The uniqueness of the Volcano Park and the high-quality attractions and activities have received numerous tourism and conservation awards.

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