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The geological and volcanological phenomena of our planet are an exciting field of science. Therefore, the team of the Geysir Andernach has set the goal to awaken the spirit of research especially in young people in the learning world. Book your exciting school trip to Andernach - to the highest cold water geyser in the world.

With a variety of offers for school classes and camps, the Geysir team inspires children and young people for natural and geoscientific topics. At the beginning of your expedition, you and your students take part in one of the great workshops take part. The geyser experts are happy to explain and show your students everything about geysers, volcanoes, carbon dioxide or the climate.

Take your school class to the multimedia Geyser Museum

Multimedia museum with great exhibits for pupils

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Following the workshop, the school class visits the Geysir Museum in Andernach. Here, the museum staff will inform your students in an appealing way about the origin, history and functioning of the highest cold-water geyser in the world.

The museum extends over several floors of the building. The rooms were elaborately designed by a team of freelance set designers - a job that definitely paid off. Some of the backdrops look so real that visitors have the feeling they are actually in an abandoned mine or a slate cave at a depth of several hundred meters. It's rare to experience a school trip like this as a student.

Multimedia exhibits are distributed throughout the museum. Here, the young researchers in your school class can drill, pump, regulate air currents or peer with interest into a virtual magma chamber. In this way, the children and young people learn to encounter the phenomena of the earth with fun and excitement. This awakens their motivation to learn more about our planet.

Spectacular geyser eruption on your school trip

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After a trip with the ship MS Namedy across the Rhine, the highlight of your expedition awaits. On the Namedyer Werth peninsula you and your students will experience the eruption of the highest cold-water geyser in the world. The natural experience is an impressive and unique moment on your class trip to Andernach.

There is something for everyone on your school trip, your hiking day or your class trip - from fourth grade to grade 13. We put together an individual program, tailored to age, interests and previous knowledge. Please reserve your desired date as early as possible!

By the way, the vacation program "Nature detectives" we offer during the summer vacations or - weather permitting - also during the Easter and autumn vacations for vacation groups. Two geyser employees hike with you and the children through nature to the geyser and wash "gold" on the banks of the Rhine.

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Nice excursion with a nice explanation. We had a very nice trip to the geyser. The geyser was very impressive to see. Special thanks to the staff, who were very friendly and helpful, and thus made the excursion possible for us (help due to walking disability).  

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Absolutely recommendable! In an interactive tour, you can learn about the formation of a geyser in a playful way. The absolute highlight is the boat trip to the geyser, where you can see the natural spectacle live.

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We were there with the whole family, grandparents, parents and children! There was something for everyone and it was very interesting! Just a super great day spent with the whole family!

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It is a wonderful hands-on museum. Even small children can try things out and explore here. Older children and adults learn a lot of new things. The accompanying boat trip is a highlight. The geyser experience at the end is just great. The staff are polite and nice. Very helpful. The museum is also suitable for prams. Parking is scarce, but with a bit of luck you can get to the...

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The boat trip to the geyser was informative and you were told how the geyser was formed. There was a lot of staff on site who were happy to share their knowledge. Talking to the staff was very helpful and informative.

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