The Andernach Geyser

A once in a lifetime experience: the world’s highest cold-water Geyser.

A spectacular natural phenomenon is waiting to be discovered by you in the Rhine valley.

Every two hours, the Geyser erupts with an impressive water fountain rising up to 60 metres / 200 ft. into the sky, driven by carbon dioxide from deep volcanic sources. You set off on your journey at the Geyser Centre in Andernach by taking a trip deep below the surface to the origin of the Andernach Geyser. This is followed by a relaxed cruise on the river Rhine, down to the nature reserve “Namedyer Werth” where this rare natural phenomenon awaits you: The Andernach Geyser.

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No dogs or pets (except guide dogs/assistance dogs) are allowed into the museum or the site of the eruption of the geyser.

All facilities cater for persons with special needs

The Geyser Centre and all sanitary facilities are fully accessible for persons with special needs. The majority of attractions are accessible, with some limitations depending on individual requirements. Our Scouts will be happy to provide assistance during your visit. An audio guide is available for the visually impaired.

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