The history of the geyser in Andernach

from 1900 until today

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Around 1900, the first observations of risingCO2 bubbles occurred in the dead arm of the Rhine on the Namedyer Werth peninsula.


The first development/drilling for gas and water extraction ("Namedyer Sprudel") took place from 1901-1903 to a depth of 343 metres. Every 3 - 4 hours, a 50 - 60 m high geyser-like extraction ofCO2 and water took place.


Second development/drilling for industrial use to a depth of 850m. This geyser reached a height of up to 65m. A stop was put to the piping work for economic reasons.


On 5 September 1957, the "Sprudel" was taken out of service and "bubbled" for the last time.


Designation of the Namedyer Werth as a nature reserve.


Preliminary (hydro)geological and geophysical investigations to find a drilling point for a new geyser well.


Start of exploratory drilling for the possible reactivation of the "Namedyer Sprudel". Third development/drilling, this time for tourist use.


Contract between the city of Andernach and BUND: The geyser is allowed to "jump".


Entry of the Geysir Andernach in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest cold water geyser in the world with a gas/water fountain over 60m high.


On 30 May 2009 , the then Geysir Experience Centre (since 2022 called the Geysir Museum) was opened, which provides visitors with information about the geyser and volcanism in the Eifel in a vivid way.

On 31 October 2009, the first geyser season was completed with over 80,000 enthusiastic visitors.


Since 2012, the museum has been steadily developed and the KaffeeBar was opened.


With over 127,000 visitors, the Geysir Andernach attraction is experiencing its most successful season since opening in 2009.


The Geysir Andernach welcomes its one millionth visitor.


The Geysir Andernach celebrates its tenth anniversary at the end of May.


On 27 March, the Geysir Andernach enters its 14th season.

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Nice excursion with a nice explanation. We had a very nice trip to the geyser. The geyser was very impressive to see. Special thanks to the staff, who were very friendly and helpful, and thus made the excursion possible for us (help due to walking disability).  

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Absolutely recommendable! In an interactive tour, you can learn about the formation of a geyser in a playful way. The absolute highlight is the boat trip to the geyser, where you can see the natural spectacle live.

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We were there with the whole family, grandparents, parents and children! There was something for everyone and it was very interesting! Just a super great day spent with the whole family!

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It is a wonderful hands-on museum. Even small children can try things out and explore here. Older children and adults learn a lot of new things. The accompanying boat trip is a highlight. The geyser experience at the end is just great. The staff are polite and nice. Very helpful. The museum is also suitable for prams. Parking is scarce, but with a bit of luck you can get to the...

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The boat trip to the geyser was informative and you were told how the geyser was formed. There was a lot of staff on site who were happy to share their knowledge. Talking to the staff was very helpful and informative.

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