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Your expedition to the world's highest cold-water geyser in Andernach begins at the Geysir Museum. Here you become part of a team of researchers and embark on an exciting journey into the "bowels of the earth" to the origins of the Geysir Andernach. You enter strange worlds made of realistic backdrops and interactive learning stations. The multimedia exhibition tells you everything you need to know about geysers and volcanism in a fascinating way. Take your time to look around and try everything out. You won't soon forget your visit to the Geysir Museum Andernach.

Your journey begins in an old Eifel quarry. Volcanic rock was mined here for a long time, but the picks and shovels have long been at rest. As part of a research team, you set out on the trail of volcanic phenomena. You will learn a lot about the Eifel landscape, basalt, pumice and lava. Of course, you will also learn a lot about carbon dioxide (CO2). Because you follow the natural drive of the Andernach geyser at every turn through the museum.

The setting of the quarry is simply impressive. A group of freelance artists has designed the interior of the museum creatively, true to detail and partly deceptively real. The collective had already produced stage sets for various cinema films and TV series. But the quarry is only a foretaste of what is to come. Anyone interested in the origins of the Geysir Andernach should be curious, thirsty for knowledge - and also a bit brave!

Educational exhibits in front of film-like backdrops

The design of the Geysir Museum seems like an alien world

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After the Prelude the first highlight of your visit to the museum awaits you: the Depth ride in the mine lift. You travel "down" in it for one and a half minutes, while large screens on the sides simulate the rapid ride with amazing effect. After 4000 m you have reached your destination: the realm of magma. This is the origin of the geyser phenomenon.

You step out of the lift and your eyes grow wide, because here the set designers have outdone themselves. Stretching out before you is the Slate Cavethe next exciting section of the Geyser Museum. It is a huge, dark room that feels like it is thousands of metres underground. Mighty crystals protrude from the ground and scattered light installations further enhance the dramatic scenery.

In the shale cave you can learn all about the volcanic origin ofCO2. At integrated water tubes you can test for yourself how the gas dissolves in water. They are part of one of the many multimedia Exhibits in the Geysir Museum, which are particularly exciting for children.

Playful learning through creative exhibits

Knowledge transfer with a difference at the Museum am Rhein

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The Ways out of the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water to the surface lead in the case of the geyser through an artificial Borehole. And the path of visitors to the Geysir Museum also runs through this. In this section you will learn what the geyser can really do and why a borehole is necessary. Here, too, you will find many exhibits where you can directly try out what you have learned. Your "journey through the borehole" is represented by a replica drill head in original size. The 2-metre colossus seems to be breaking through the wall and is almost a little intimidating.

Back above ground the last area of the museum awaits you. Here, volcanoes and cold-water geysers around the world are presented and explained. Finally, review your experience at the Geysir Museum while enjoying the great view of the Rhine from the roof terrace. Did you get a little hungry during your visit to the museum? Then why not treat yourself to a delicious slice of cake in our CoffeeBar.

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Nice excursion with a nice explanation. We had a very nice trip to the geyser. The geyser was very impressive to see. Special thanks to the staff, who were very friendly and helpful, and thus made the excursion possible for us (help due to walking disability).  

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Absolutely recommendable! In an interactive tour, you can learn about the formation of a geyser in a playful way. The absolute highlight is the boat trip to the geyser, where you can see the natural spectacle live.

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We were there with the whole family, grandparents, parents and children! There was something for everyone and it was very interesting! Just a super great day spent with the whole family!

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It is a wonderful hands-on museum. Even small children can try things out and explore here. Older children and adults learn a lot of new things. The accompanying boat trip is a highlight. The geyser experience at the end is just great. The staff are polite and nice. Very helpful. The museum is also suitable for prams. Parking is scarce, but with a bit of luck you can get to the...

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The boat trip to the geyser was informative and you were told how the geyser was formed. There was a lot of staff on site who were happy to share their knowledge. Talking to the staff was very helpful and informative.

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