The cold water geyser in Andernach an unforgettable experience
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Teaching material geography - Geography lessons in the Museum Geysir Andernach

Diverse teaching material in geography and chemistry

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In the interactive Museum Geysir Andernach awaits you unique teaching material for the geography. The geography lesson series is primarily designed for secondary school classes. Packed with fresh ideas, the geography teaching material will inspire anyone who is interested in volcanism and geography geography. Various workshops help to consolidate what has been learned.

Expand your current knowledge with our unique teaching materials for geography and chemistry. Benefit from didactically and methodically structured teaching materials.

Geography teaching material - new learning method in the museum

Formation of geysers

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With the help of the worksheets for geography lessons, you will learn interesting facts about the Andernach geyser. Among other things, you will learn how geysers are formed. Illustrated in individual steps, you can easily recognize how they work. Individual tasks on what you have learned help you to deepen your knowledge about geysers. You will find the solutions to the exercises at the end of the geography and chemistry worksheets.

Exciting workshops complement the geography teaching material. Using a variety of practical experiments, pupils learn in a playful way how volcanism is structured and how it works. All lesson plans include a precise schedule to prevent any potential confusion.

Practical learning at the Andernach Museum

Self-experiment - eruption of a geyser

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A special lesson plan for geography is designed in such a way that pupils can learn about an experiment themselves a geyser eruption themselves themselves. Didactic and methodical teaching materials help with this. In addition to a large bottle of Coke, you will need Mentos sweets. If you follow the instructions in the geography teaching material, you can easily recreate the volcanic eruption.

In the learning world of the interactive museum, pupils learn interesting facts about the geyser and volcanism. Experienced experts will guide you through various workshops using the geography teaching material. Among other things, interesting geoscientific and scientific topics relating to the geyser are covered. Please enquire about dates for the learning world on our website.

Familiarize yourself with the connections between chemistry and volcanism. Choose the subject area that interests you from five different workshops!

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    Nice excursion with a nice explanation. We had a very nice trip to the geyser. The geyser was very impressive to see. Special thanks to the staff, who were very friendly and helpful, and thus made the excursion possible for us (help due to walking disability).  

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    Absolutely recommendable! In an interactive tour, you can learn about the formation of a geyser in a playful way. The absolute highlight is the boat trip to the geyser, where you can see the natural spectacle live.

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    We were there with the whole family, grandparents, parents and children! There was something for everyone and it was very interesting! Just a super great day spent with the whole family!

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    It is a wonderful hands-on museum. Even small children can try things out and explore here. Older children and adults learn a lot of new things. The accompanying boat trip is a highlight. The geyser experience at the end is just great. The staff are polite and nice. Very helpful. The museum is also suitable for prams. Parking is scarce, but with a bit of luck you can get to the...

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    The boat trip to the geyser was informative and you were told how the geyser was formed. There was a lot of staff on site who were happy to share their knowledge. Talking to the staff was very helpful and informative.

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